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Fat biscuits or biscuits from Entre Ríos or, simply, biscuits, are a type of salty cookies, small and oval in size. They are traditional in Argentine gastronomy with common brands such as 9 de oro or Don Satur.1 They are usually quite solid or crispy, in shape, seen from above or below, they are oval about three cm long and about 1/½ cm wide. maximum width in its center,2 almost always having 8 or 9 small holes symmetrically distributed throughout its surface and thickness (the maximum thickness varies between 3 to 4 mm), its color is, thanks to firing or double firing, a very superficially uniform clear light brown color.3 The dough is prepared with flour, water, salt, yeast, some sugar and beef fat. Enrique Santos Discépolo composed, in 1925, the tango Bizcochito.

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