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The Facturas is a puff pastry dough, usually filled with dulce de leche, crema pastelera or quince, sometimes they use both!  the facturas are ideal for an afternoon of tea or as breakfast, it is usually accompanied by its typical drink which is mate or coffee.


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  • The term "Facturas" comes from the Latin facere, which means to make or create, but in current Spanish it means receipt (a commercial document). Argentina is the only country that calls its cakes "Facturas", as it was the union of pastry chefs in that country that began using that word as a way to draw attention to the value of their work.

    Although they are generally Italian, German and French confectionery specialties introduced by immigrants from those countries, at the end of the 19th century each of the different varieties were renamed by the Argentine Bakers and Pastry Chefs Union —which strongly adhered to the anarchism—with names that insulted the government, the military, the police and the Catholic Church, as a way of making political propaganda with their work1.